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Playa San Diego, El Salvador
El Roble Hostal, Playa San Diego, El Salvador - Two swimming pools,volleyball,basketball,table tennis,poker and a raft of board games,plus a full bar and great food makes for a wonderful hostel experience.Short walk to a quiet,7km stretch of sandy beach and only 5 minutes from the best surf in Central America.Tours to lively cities and colonial towns,volcanoes and lakes and hikes through tropical,mangrove or cloud forest...El Roble is your best introduction to El Salvador....a beautiful,small country,full of friendly locals and fantastic experiences. Get here before the crowds do!!

Hostel El Roble , El Salvador - Flora and Fauna around the grounds

 El Torogoz, the beautiful national bird of El Salvador,
chose to nest  at a friends house very close to El Roble.
We are all doing our absolute best to care for them.

Lippy, one of the more ferocious types of fauna to be found at El Roble !

A very young hummingbird, seemingly out for its first time.
We watched it struggle for several hours to attain the power of flight

Praying Mantis

Adult froggies .....

....and baby froggies



One of the local lizards, out looking for mosquitoes (...we hope !)

This beautiful bird, taking advantage of our
bird baths at El Roble, is locally known as a Chiltota

Tadpole with newly evolved arms and legs

.... and the final product. One of many tree frogs to be seen around the hostel

Hummingbird, recently nested under our roof

Mariposa´s (butterflys)
seen around El Roble

Aloe Vera for when the sun has got ya reddenin`!

Some frogs in the very early stage of development from tadpoles.
These guys are around 3 months old.