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Playa San Diego, El Salvador
El Roble Hostal, Playa San Diego, El Salvador - Two swimming pools,volleyball,basketball,table tennis,poker and a raft of board games,plus a full bar and great food makes for a wonderful hostel experience.Short walk to a quiet,7km stretch of sandy beach and only 5 minutes from the best surf in Central America.Tours to lively cities and colonial towns,volcanoes and lakes and hikes through tropical,mangrove or cloud forest...El Roble is your best introduction to El Salvador....a beautiful,small country,full of friendly locals and fantastic experiences. Get here before the crowds do!!

El Roble and Darren re-introduce those famous Thursday Night Cocktail Lunacies

Some will remember those long, cold nights in Ipswich. Many will remember Thursday´s cocktail nights with broken toilets, eating raw egg yolk and mucha puking. I, Darren, now oficially declare the games continue....albeit in the Sun, in another language but with the same results...y mucha bad taste humour and craziness

The all important five (count them, F-I-V-E!) spirits and a dash of coke to make the best and most lethal, Long Island Iced Tea

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